Thousands of ex-racehorses being sent to abattoirs, BBC investigation claims

By: Greg Wood Monday 19 July 2021
  • Panorama programme to be broadcast on Monday night
  • Animal rights group planted cameras in slaughterhouse

An investigation for BBC1’s Panorama, to be broadcast on Monday evening, will claim that “thousands” of ex-racehorses – “most, but not all” of which were previously in training in Ireland – are being sent for slaughter in British abattoirs every year.

The programme, titled The Dark Side Of Horse Racing, is based on footage supplied by the animal rights group Action Aid, which campaigns for an outright ban on horse racing and an end to the slaughter of animals for food. The group planted cameras in an abattoir run by F Drury & Sons, which is licensed to slaughter horses, and claims to have captured “dozens of former racehorses being slaughtered, the majority from Ireland”.

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